Open Letter (to WordPress Developers)

Dear Sirs,

At first, I might add that it is a privilege to work with WordPress as an open source tool. I am glad therefore that WordPress proves so successful for so many sites, globally. For several years now, I have come to understand this tool, inside and out. For many pixel perfect theme designers such as me, there are – however – a couple of things I do not necessarily comprehend. WordPress could be much simpler within its core files.

I personally feel, that since WordPress is an Open Source tool, it should be constructed in much simpler ways. Especially with regard to theme development.

Therefore I would like to either start a brand new discussion or tric you into some new exciting directions, mainly concerning the core functions regarding theme development.

And whilst I do understand that I should not compare one system to another, I have worked with the splendid content management system PivotX, of Dutch origin. It is unfortunate that this system is no longer maintained, as it did prove rather less challenging than the WordPress Theme Core system.

I am referring mainly to the core functions with which the templates (or themes as you name it) were handled. Underneath here, I will show some screenshots 1) how templates were managed and 2) what the template editor looked like.

Now, as you can see, above images show a simplified system and perhaps way easier for the user to understand and work with. Especially with regard to setting up child themes.


  1. WordPress (core) theme development will be simplified
  2. Users will have more control within the application, without needing – external – FTP or other File Management Tools
  3. this might also work for plugins and media

Thanks for your attention! Of course, I am anticipating and looking forward to reading your opinion on this matter in the comments underneath.

Kindest regards,
Irene aka Pix

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